Dear all,

The police launched a campaign this week which is focuses on raising awareness of child sexual abuse (CSE).  Inspira is a partner in the work being undertaken through the LSCB, with Mark Bowman  (CEO) being the chair of a LSCB sub group currently looking at this issue.We  have placed some quotes in the campaign material about the work that Inspira and consortia partners do in relation to this issue. 

Dear colleague

Click on link to open Word document - CAF reg NEW.DOC

Forgive me for the length of the email, but this is a highly important message being conveyed, the basic tone of which is “if you have a completed CAF, PLEASE make sure it is registered!”

Over recent months there has been a lot of activity in relation to the Early Help agenda, and in particular, the challenge about Cumbria’s apparent very low rate of CAF completions.

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