You will see from the report circulated by Pam that there is an intention to disband the Children’s Trust Board and only have the Local Safeguarding Board where we have two representatives and the Health and Wellbeing Board where children and young people currently have no seat for representation. There is one third sector representative on the Health and Wellbeing Board and that is Sonia from Age UK.  I have some concerns that we lose the voice for the sector but more importantly for children, young people and families especially around priorities and key strategic direction. What are your thoughts – what are the possible consequences if we lose the Children’s Trust Board and how would we ensure the voice is heard in other forums.

Please give this some thought and come back to me asap - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hi all,

I just wanted to update you on the new Family and Alcohol project that I am working on here at CADAS. I have attached a flyer with more information and it would be great if you could forward this information on to all of your contacts so we can ensure as wide a reach as possible for the project.

We are looking to work with families across the county who would like to improve their relationships and communication within their family specifically around alcohol use. All families are welcome (there does not need to be a history of or current substance use) to take part as long as they can commit to attending a series of workshops designed to support them to improve their relationships and communication strategies. View the Poster!

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