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Neil Hughes


11 OCT  2019

Agenda Items discussed with any action points resulting from discussion and timeframes if relevant. 

  1. Anne Shepherd (CYP public health): Emotional wellbeing.

Referrals too often based on service configuration, not need. Spot purchasing exists for complex needs only & still a clear lack of support for ASD/ADHD clients.  CYP with complex needs also more likely to need safeguarding solely on account of their health and psycho-social situations. Collaboration across services which have differing structures is poor.

CCC strengthening families (SF) service is doing a great deal of ‘holding’ work & the CLA recovery plan is not yet available externally.

  1. CLA annual report: Currently c.950 CLA in N.Cumbria (up 100) & c. 450 in S.Cumbria.  Greatest concentration is in W.Cumbria. Dental health improving slightly & the SF service now embraces the entirety of child protection/children in need situations.  Corporate parenting board (CPB) is to instigate a ‘deep dive’ into the work of our group (i.e. CLA Be Healthy gp).  An exec safeguarding group (one each in N & S Cumbria) will include CLA oversight within its remit.  New Cumbria safeguarding children’s p’ship (CSCP) is to adopt a risk-based approach & now tasks both police & CCGs as well as LA with responsibility.
  2. Primary care. NCIC is attempting to introduce primary mental health provision (led by CNTW) & is looking first at an initial response service/single point of access.
  3. Ready, steady go docs need to enquire whether care leavers have any pre-existing plan.
  4. A refugee health sub-group is running well.

Neil Hughes 11 Oct 2019

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