Local and national government remain committed to the full involvement of the voluntary and community sector in children’s services, as well as the removal of barriers to their participation in service delivery and planning.

To ensure the best outcomes for all, especially children and young people, the third sector in Cumbria recognises that it needs to be proactively engaged with the public authorities. The CYPVSRG was set up in 2004 to drive this engagement and its remit has been:

  • To involve the children’s voluntary and community sector in the development and implementation of children’s services in Cumbria at a strategic level
  • To facilitate information sharing • To equip the voluntary and community to deliver services that children, young people and families need
  • To provide a balanced voluntary and community services perspective
  • To demonstrate and articulate the diversity of the sector
  • Ensure prevention is embedded in all planning, commissioning and delivery
  • To contribute to positive change for children in Cumbria
  • Ensure all children, young people, and families, are included

We meet approximately six times a year, usually at the Penrith Methodist Church and dates of forthcoming meetings can be found at our Meetings page.   All are welcome to attend.  Our joint-Chairs are Cath Clarke and Pam Hutton.

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